4 Reflective Stars

“She’s mad but she’s magic. There is no lie in her fire.”

Would you risk your friendship for the chance to find love? A tiny personal bit: I have done it both ways: once I did, the other time I didn’t – and both of the times it was a disaster. So I suppose when it comes down to it, it really is a “no risk, no gain” choice.

“Life isn’t a linear journey. Sometimes it’s one step backwards, two steps forward and then a jump out to the side. It’s kind of like the “Time Warp”, when you think about it.”

I fell in love with Karina Halle’s writing when I read “The Play” a couple of months ago. I’m a bit of a “reading-in-order”-Monk so I had to go back at some point to calm the titties of my OCD.

Linden McGregor is a Scot living in San Francisco. His parents weren’t exactly the textbook kind, he never felt any love or care and was raised along with his brother by nannies. His two best friends, Stephanie and James, give him the love he never experienced at home. Linden is fun, sometimes adorably cheesy and a player.

Stephanie is the perfect balance of a heroine I can wish for. She is smart, kind, naughty, funny and a great friend. Only…her relationships never work out.

On Stephanie’s 25th birthday, a drunken night, Linden and Steph make a pact. If they aren’t in a serious relationship when they turn 30 they will marry each other. The first third of the story deals with the five years until our main characters enter the time when the pact starts to become effective. It also shows how they both deal with their respective feelings for each other, which are strong but are they worth exploring and possibly killing everything they had? Destroying an amazing friendship? In that time there are lots of relationships on both accounts…until one night when a kiss changes everything.

“Sometimes I wonder if I’m falling in love with her.  Sometimes I wonder how long I can pretend I’m not.”

I loved the dynamics between Stephanie and Linden, their easy friendship and the love between them. I loved reading about relationships in your twenties as I got the chance to revisit mine and reflect on them. How you handle some things with maturity and others not so much. How hope is high when you meet somebody you might be able to fall in love with. The insecurities you have to deal with on a daily basis. All this is wrapped up in this beautiful story of growing pains and love. I read some mixed reviews of this story and I can understand the frustration. It did work for me though and I can only say onto “Wham-Bam-Thankyou-Bram”. 

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