5 Royal Stars

Phew. Where to start…where to start…
King. Oh yeah…King. He is rich and successful. He is attractive. And he has a beautiful soul – honest, funny and smart as a whip. I don’t think I’ve come across a lot of characters that shone as brightly as he did right from the beginning. When we meet him he is one of the big leaders in England’s world of finance. 
And here is the thing: our heroine shone just as brightly as King. Alexis is sassy, has lots of snark and absolutely no filter. None. Zip. She is kind, funny and totally at home and comfortable in her own skin. Her smarts match King’s and her soul is just as beautiful. These two people are so much alike and yet so different. 

The story is divided in two parts:

In the first part you get all the backstory how King came to be the homeless person he portrayed in Hearts of Fire.

The second part picks up after the end of the last installment.

Alexis walks into King’s life when she applied for a job at his company and despite expectations she actually is hired to be the PA of one of the big players in London’s finances. Although there is an intense attraction and incredible chemistry between the two of them Alexis doesn’t want to complicate her life by having an affair and lose her job in the process.

They get to know each other, spending a great deal of time together – there is a lot of witty banter between those two which I enjoyed immensely. King makes it hard for her to resist (how she did it, I have no fecking idea, I would have succumbed at hello) and at some point the pull towards each other is too strong…

Secrets are revealed that are so serious that the life they both knew will be changed forever. I will stop right here telling you more about this amazing story because this is where you have to find out for yourself how it continues and ends.

This is one of those books you don’t want to end but you want it end. While the first part was funny and flirtatious the second part really put me through the ringer in a good way. My heart broke and was put together again. There are a lot of tender moments which made me *feel* the love they had for each other. I can’t recommend this series enough – Miss Cosway – I worship you. These two main characters have become one of my all time favourite couple.

“Sometimes we see someone and they just suit us. They’re beautiful to us in every way. You’re that person to me.”

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